Frequently Asked

Question & User Guide


How do I upload files?

You can use the control panel to upload and download files, click Management > File Management, then you can choose which directory to upload, you can simply drag and drop into the browser. Alternatly you can login with FTP, click System > SFTP Details, the password is the same as the one for the control panel.


Can I use custom server .jar?

Yes! Simply upload the .jar to the main server directory and click Configuration > Startup Parameters then type in the name of your custom .jar file and click Update Startup Parameters


Can I have a MySQL Database?

Yes! To create your MySQL datbase click Management > DB Management Type in the name of your database, and add the server IP in Connections, or you can leave it as %. Once you create your database you will see the information to connect to it.


Can I use Votifier?

Yes! Every Minecraft server comes with port 8192 open so you can use Votifier, if you need additional ports for other plugins then please submit a ticket.


Can I switch Java versions?

Yes! We offer Javas version 8 and 11. Just submit a ticket and we will change your Java version for you. Default is Java 8.