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  • Free MySQL
  • Default Port
  • DDoS Protection
  • Custom .jars Supported
Disk Space
$39 .00

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simply upload the .jar to the main server directory and click Configuration > Startup Parameters then type in the name of your custom .jar file and click Update Startup Parameters.
You can use the control panel to upload and download files, click Management > File Management, then you can choose which directory to upload, you can simply drag and drop into the browser. Alternatly you can login with FTP, click System > SFTP Details, the password is the same as the one for the control panel.
Yes! To create your MySQL datbase click Management > DB Management Type in the name of your database, and add the server IP in Connections, or you can leave it as %. Once you create your database you will see the information to connect to it.
Yes! Every Minecraft server comes with port 8192 open so you can use Votifier, if you need additional ports for other plugins then please submit a ticket.
Yes! Simply submit a ticket requestion to upgrade your plan and we will invoice you the pro-rated difference. Once you have paid the invoice we will upgrade your server. You will require a restart on the control panel to complete the upgrade.